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What can fly or stand completely still?

Yes you guessed it - It is time! Time is a funny thing because we all have exactly the same amount of time in a day but sometimes the time just seem to fly and other times we wish the time would go quicker. What determine whether we feel the time if going too fast or too slow? Usually it has to do with whether we enjoy what we are doing, or we find it a bit boring.

How do we make sure we do things that we enjoy? The answer is fairly simple, we prioritise the things we enjoy doing, use our time on things that are important to us and things that matter in the big picture. Remember, our lives are made up of small moments. We only live a moment once unless we get caught up in ‘Groundhog Day’. Therefore, it is important that we make every moment count.

Let’s say we use a moment (like 10 minutes) browsing Facebook without an aim. Firstly, the 10 minutes may end up being 20 minutes because we get caught up in it. Secondly, let’s say we do that every day for 10 years. How many moments (time) have we then spent on it? 36,500 minutes or 608 hours and that is if we stick with the 10 minutes every day. Is this what we want to use 608 hours of our lives on? Only you can answer this question but if it is aimless browsing, it may not be a priority in your life but rather a way to kill time (you were bored which is the opposite of doing something you enjoy). Was it important for you? In the moment it may have been! Could you have used your time on things that were more important to you? Probably! Did it matter in the big picture – Did it matter 5 years down the track? Most likely not.

This is a small example of how we can use a moment. How many moments do you use on things you do not enjoy, things that are not important to you? and things that doesn’t matter in the big picture – Like in 5 years’ time?

To put it a bit in perspective. Let’s consider it on a bigger scale – Your life!

Look at the table. Each red cross is a year in your life that you have lived, and you will NEVER get back. With an average life expectancy of 83 years, how many years have you left to enjoy what is important to you and make a difference in the big picture? In the example, the person is 49 years old and can expect to have another 34 years in average left to live.

If we are aware of what we enjoy, what we want in life and what we prioritise, then it is much easier to make every moment, every day, every week, every month, every year you have left count. We make a lot of decisions every day and almost half of them are unconscious decisions like how to walk, talk, eat etc. This means that we only have a limited brain capacity to consciously focus on certain things in our lives. In other words, we can’t have everything at the forefront of our mind. By bringing what we enjoy doing, what we want to prioritise and what we want to achieve in life to the forefront of our mind will ensure that we focus our energy on this rather than other things in our lives.

I have included three quotes that I just love when it comes to time and prioritisation.


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