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What is your balance like?

A few months ago, I was planning a week’s holiday in Cairns. I used heaps of time researching accommodation and things to see in the area. I enjoyed dreaming about what experiences we would have and found the planning really important to ensure we got the most out of our holiday time. I am sure you have done the same at some point in time when planning a holiday, right?

Before you question whether this is a holiday magazine blog, we better move on.

Most of us do not plan our lives to the same extend we plan our holidays, but why not? Why do we only deserve to relax, be happy and enjoy good experiences when we go on holidays? Why aren’t we aiming for that for the remaining part of the year? I hear you; I hear you; this is life, right? Or is it?

Think about it! Imagine you living in a small apartment, but you dream of having a house. What do you tell yourself? Do you focus on the confinements of the space, the clutter, the noisy neighbours and the lack of your own garden? Or do you focus on your apartment being cosy, you only having to clean for a couple of hours every week and therefore have more time to socialise with your friends, you being close to everything in the City and saving money on rent? Who do you think is most happy during the year and not only on their holidays? If you are a social person, I am sure you are in the happy chaps’ shoes in this situation. You have the freedom and money to go out with your friends as often as you want, and you don’t even have to think about a ride home because you live close to everything. If you are a more materialistic type, you will probably be in the unhappy chaps’ shoes in this situation. You will not appreciate what you have and constantly dream about a different life.

Whose shoes are you in? What life are you dreaming about? What is most important for you in your life? Is what is most important in your life, what you use most of your time on? Most of us never stop and think about these things but instead just go with the flow. What difference does it make? Well, if you do not appreciate what you have, that will make you unhappy, stressed, depressed etc. in the now. If you just go with the flow, how can you ensure you reach your goals in life and get the most out of life? If you know what is important to you, you are able to steer your life in that direction. Isn’t it interesting that what is most important to us, often is the things we use the least time on? How can you find the answers to the questions above? Well, you have all the answers inside you. It is just a matter of finding them and articulating them. I have included a couple of tools to assist you in this process. Enjoy.

Finding your values Finding your values will guide you on getting the most out of your life, setting the right goals for you and prioritise what is most important to you. What would you like to be remembered for? This exercise will determine whether you are on the right path for you. What is your sentence? Were you better today than yesterday? Watch this 2-minute video for some inspiration and guidelines on this exercise. Are you using your time on what is most important to you? This exercise will set focus on what is most important to you and whether you prioritise your everyday life accordingly. The exercise will work best if you sit down and really ponder over each aspect of your life. Go through each of the categories below and rate their importance to you. Use a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being not important to you and 10 being of very import to you).

  • Health and Fitness

  • Self-care and mental wellbeing

  • Personal development, mental stimulation, and learning new things

  • Recreation and creativity

  • Spirituality

  • Love relationships

  • Family relations

  • Social life and friendships

  • Community life

  • Employment, career and/or your business

  • Financial situation

  • Your environment (your home, your office space etc.)

Once you have rated the categories based on their importance to you, look at how much time you used on each of these categories in the last week and rate them on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being no time spend on it and 10 being a lot of time spend on it). Do you use your time on what is most important to you?

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